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Lime Green Koenigsegg

Sue Dinnim

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on the A24 about 1:30 this afternoon with a murcielago by the looks of it.


I would love to tell you it was going like the devil and sounded great but when we saw it the driver was having trouble starting it at the Buck Barn traffic lights and everyone was having to drive round it.


We did see it heading down the A24 a few minutes later so it can't have been too serious.


Still, it's a good way to get your car noticed.

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OK it certainly looks to be the same colour and I bet there aren't too many like that in the UK. Couldn't see the plate in the photos so I can't say for certain but in the post someone does say they know the owner and he has a lambo as well in the same colour as the one we saw following.


When we saw it moving it was pottering down the dual carriageway but it sounded like it had some potential.

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