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Smelly car


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Someone mentioned my car smells fumey the other day and I am inclined to agree - the wife keeps mentioning the smell coming into the house, and I have felt a bit green on a couple of recent occasions. It's a VX on carbs, with 4 into 1 side exit exhaust. The only recent change that I can think of is that I had a coolant hose split a few weeks back which dumped a lot of coolant over the engine - I did rinse off but maybe there's deposits left that are causing a smell once hot?


Can't decide if it's petrol or "hot engine". Hopefully it's just running rich or something - I've booked it in for a tune-up next week. Other options - leaky exhaust manifold? I could go taping up holes/seams etc. but this is definitely a recent occurrence, rather than something it has always done.







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Reminds me of an experience my dad had, driving a hirecar in the US. He was passing a wagon on a dual carriageway and hit a deer that was already dead and lying across the lane he was travelling in. Lifted the car clear off the ground, and was well seared-on by the time he was able to pull into a gas station to clean it up *eek*


Yellow and black 1.8 VX, pics here, for sale here

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a bt O/T.

I ran over an already dead fox in the 7. No damage as it was down already. Slowed the old girl down a fair bit. The tin tops in front of me just straddled it. I has nowhere to go on a narrow B road with on coming traffic.

Meat and fur stuck all over the underside! That stank and next door neighbors cat was under there quick as a flash gobbling at it!


Took a while cleaning to get rid of the smell. Should I have left the cat to it perhaps?


Sounds like yours was coolant then.


When we moved into this house (integral garages) the smell of the 7 (then on carbs) would waft up into our bedroom - paradise, but not for the wife. I set about sealing the pipe work routes from the en suite bathroom. Expanding foam and silicone sealer did the trick.


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