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Wedding Party (and tech conference!)


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Ok - I know this isn't strictly speaking a technical issue, but I know some of you lot only really use this part of the forum, and with all the rubbish elswhere, quite frankly I don't blame you - but obviously it would be great to meet up with some of the people who we have conversed with on techie matters!


August 6th is getting ever closer, and apparently I should start planning a few things

As some of you may have read earlier, Tessa and I are getting hitched on Saturday 6th August. Pretty standard wedding plans; family, friends, church, canapés, champagne, flowers and a marquee - a few speeches and a holy goat. That will be during the day. Obviously we want to include our friends and fellow petrolheads in some way - most things we do are somehow connected to the car in some way, but it would be impossible to have everyone there!


The plan is to have an 'evening' do after the main Wedding stuff, and it is to that that we would like to invite some of you lot! The plan is for a Hog Roast in the garden, hopefully a steel band, a few bevies and a generally relaxed and chilled end to the days events, surrounded by friends and 7's (and indeed any other interesting cars!) Nothing formal - that will all happen earlier, assuming we both turn up.


Some of you expressed an interest in attending before, when I first mentioned this - now we really need to get a better idea on actual numbers. I will send out 'official' invitations nearer the time, but before then, if you are interested can you please email me on:


angus 'at' tinyworld.co.uk (and use a '@' instead of the 'at'!)


and let us know if you would like to come.


The location is near Wellingborough, Northants - so hopefully it will be a great opportunity to meet some of you Carroteers and others from north of the Watford Gap!

Should you wish, there is plenty of space for anyone wanting to camp - obviously there will be toilets and water, but it is a field!


This is not a big professionally organised event, but just a casual evening with friends, but I am really looking forward to having our very own collection of 7's in the field outside the garden, and it will be a wonderful way to finish what will hopefully be a special day for us.


(Just got to speak to G Polley and Caterham to see if they do 'Wedding Lists'!)





Big update!


80,000miles in 3 years plus


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