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XFlow Power problem


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My recently built machine with secondhand engine/trans parts from all over, basically works, but has a fundamental problem

that spoils the enjoyment a bit.


I can blat hard for approx 5-10 seconds or so, then the engine limits (starts to pop etc) and starts to slow down. If you back-off on the throttle briefly then feed in the power again, its still not happy (just about keeps going, but no acceleration) after approx 10 seconds or so more, it all smoothes out and then Blatting can continue. My initial hunch, is that its fuel starvation due to incorrect float level (i.e the delay is time for the float chambers to re-fill) - any thoughts, before I take it for a Rolling road tune/diagnostic. (want to avoid the expense!)


Hopefully someone can give me some ideas on this one.


Spec :

1660 Xflow / mechanical Ford pump (from Caterham)

Twin 40's Jetted as per Caterham docs





ps I've checked valve clearances, compressions, timing etc and all seem fine.


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As it start's to misfire,cut engine,roll to a halt and take off a carb top,if its fuel starvation you will see from the fuel level or lack of it. And dump that fuel pump anyway before you get a pinhole in the diaphame and a sump full of very expensive petrol ie no bearing's left.

I know of 3 very expensive engine blow up's caused by them.

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Check how tight the carbs are on the manifold.


They should be bolted up using either rubber or spring washers and you should be able to wiggle the carbs up and down a bit.


If you bolt them up rigidly, you get similar symptoms to those you have described.


How do I know?


The hard way... *confused*



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