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Air Temp look-up table?


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Does anyone have the lookup table info for the standard Caterham/Rover intake air temperature sensor? It is the green sensor that mounts in the plenum/air box and mine has the markings 'Elmwood Sensors' and 'ES110-1". I've searched on both and Elmwood seems to be a part of the Honeywell group, but I can't find reference to that part number anywhere.

I've got to update my coolant sensor info in my ECU and thought I might as well get the proper info on the air temp at the same time.


Phil Waters

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The following are the values I am using for my Dash7. At the moment I can't recall where I found them or indeed if they are an exact match for the sensor. They seem to be pretty good though.


-20 21870


-10 12460


0 7355


10 4482

15 3539

20 2814

25 2252

30 1815


40 1200




60 560




80 283


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