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Sue Dinnim

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Phew! It wouldn't have been the first time i've inadvertantly wound someone up that I know!


Thankyou for giving me my first spotted!... even if it wasn't in the 7 *thumbup* 😬


Wasn't me in the Focus today, I've been Landying all day! If you see the Focus, it looks a bit like an ST170, with Essex EK52 plates on it. I've also got my BARC sticker in the back window 😬


Also, I should add that I was going down the gym, and I don't usually dress like a Chav! Despite my Focus.... *tongue*

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I have a focus. Does that make me a chav


The focus was a metallic grey and it looked a little lower than normal with some aftermarket wheels. I think it may have had an EX52 plate, I know it was a fairly recent one but couldn't remember which.

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