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Steering - lower column bush

Frank Toogood

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Bought a Momo removable steering wheel and quick release column.


When taking out the old column, the lower column bush came out too!


Having read the assembly guide, it says that the lower one was original fitted by the factory.


I'll have to buy some new ones (top and bottom), but can anyone give me some advice on how to put the lower one in as I can't put it in from the bottom end as there's not enough room.


Any advice gratefully received.



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I've just done this. It *does* go in from the bottom using a rubber mallet and a squirt of rubber/nylon lube. There is no technique other than ensuring the locating knobs of rubber on each side are in the right orientation, then give it a squirt and hit it in.
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Yes, you need to get the steering column out of the way.


I left the cheese and brake cyl in place. I may have used a piece of wood against the bush before hitting *that* with the rubber mallet (can't remember as I did 100 other things that day). It's awkward but you have no choice so you just manage... somehow.

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It is also possible to put the lower bush in from the top of the tube. Line up the lugs, rubber lube, get it in and drift it down the steering column tube using a suitable socket and extension bar. (Probably helps that the extension bar in my socket set has a screwdriver-like handle at the top, giving more surface area to whack. The socket wrench fits in the top of the handle...)


Removing the lower column is not a big deal. Undo a bolt where it meets the rack and unhitch it. The hole in the wedge is large, so there is enough room to manipulate everything.

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