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Oh I'm sorry everybody


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A good pair of very thick sunglasses should do the trick, I think!


Did you not know that my tin top is blue Alex? Hee hee.


I had a lovely cycle home last night - even saw a bat. Just like driving a 7, with all that fresh air about. And Granchester IS on a hill!


I like sheep

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Not by me.......


In days of old Grantchester was a small lake. "Grant" being an ancient fen land slang for "muddy puddle". It was the Romans who filled it in and diverted the course of the river around Grantchester...... the slope down to the river in the meadows is purely a Victorian optical illusion, my my, they knew humour when they saw it 😬


You keep your lips off my ring Boonster or there will be trouble *eek*




Pope Spandex I

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ooooh I'm so worried....


Alex said in the pub on Tuesday that talking to me made him feel normal. I was hoping I wasn't that strange.....


Loaf - don't you just love that word? One of my favourites!



I like sheep

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