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1.6ss engine & ECU


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From a 2001 Superlight.

Done 23k miles.

What's it worth? I hope more than a bag of nuts!


I am looking into an engine transplant and going for a bit more power. The engine is still in my car if anyone wanted to try before they buy.

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Hi Wahey,


Very interested in your 1.6 SS engine & ECU ... !!!


Tried to send you an email via your profile, but somehow the send button is 'missing' and I wasn't able to send my message *confused* ☹️


So could you please drop me a line on slider7@tiscali.be so I can reply to this mail !?


Thanks *thumbup*

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  • Area Representative



Use the button next along to the profile one. This will allow you to "email poster" correctly






Yellow HPC - A 2.0 VX - 😬

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