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Fitting a Q/R Momo Steering Wheel


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i think the normal Momo item is 260mm, if you're still struggling for leg room then you could go for a flat bottomed 'D' shape one...


i guess you could get smaller kart steering wheels?


or just cut a button off your shirt and attach that instead 😬


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Momo are available down to 250mm. The one Caterham supply is indeed 260mm.


What's best depends on what ratio rack you have, what size front wheels, how sticky they are presumably, what the castor angles are, how much effort you're prepared to put into steering etc etc.


All that aside I run a 250mm wheel, 7 inch front slicks and a 22% rack and am more than happy with the steering effort required and the feedback it gives me.


Not sure about D shaped wheels, are they legal for motrosport? There's something in the blue book about wheels, on second thought think it just says the rim must be continuous so those drag race wheels with the top cut away are not allowed.

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