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Superlight SOLD (definately!)


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It looks as if I may have to sell the following (due to increasing mortage rate and garage rent) so I'm testing the waters for interested parties!


Superlight number 0002, first registered in Dec 1996


* Natural Carbon Wings & Nosecone

* Polished Ali body

* Ali interior with rubber mats

* Carbon Dash & Mirrors

* Leather S type seats

* Black Windsceen surround & Lights

* 6 Speed Gearbox

* 1600cc Supersport K series

* Widetrack

* Suretrak LSD

* 4 pot Big front brakes, Ventilated discs

* Adjustable Platforms with Bilsteins

* 4 Point Harnesses

* Removeable Steering wheel

* New AO21's on new wheels

* FIA rollbar & Battery Master cut out

* Full Weather Gear


Current mileage is around the 6k mark (I'll check & confirm).

Photos can be forwarded if you leave an email address.

Looking for oiro £16K


Thanks for looking,








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I resent the mail but this time with just the one attachment (rather than eight!) so will hopefully get through. If you still haven't received this please mail me on:




and i'll send them outside of the Blatchat mail system.





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Hello Robindinscombe,


Answers to your queries:


*3 previous owners

*chassis/powder coat absolutely fine

*not a single dent (that I can find!)

*central London (10 mins from London Bridge/Waterloo)


I hope this helps?





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I really do need this to go before November hence price reduction to £14,500


This is the price Caterham have offered as SOR.


You K N O W how much they'll add on for a forecourt price!


This is such a great car, really...





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Hello Chocolate,


No dry sump or Apollo tank.


I've two Caterham service receipts. The previous owner was meticulous for detail and took care of the car himself and had it corner weighted, balanced, etc.


It's done 6,200 miles and I'm responsible for less than one thousand of those!





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