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Poor Throttle Response - any suggestions?


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I have a standard 1.6k (115bhp EU3)- when the revs are allowed to fall back to idle during driving or in traffic etc, the first prod on the throttle always has a hesitation before picking up properly. This is also apparent sometimes on start up where the car will just stall unless the throttle is opened even just a small amount.


Have you chaps any ideas what may be the cause? - I'm hoping it's just the lamda sensor or something similar?

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I had the very same thing happen to mine after about 1000 miles. Thought the worst. It was still driveable, but pick up was poor and it stuttered badly sometimes on an even throttle. The same 'dab the throttle' response as you describe too.


I ignored it and asked Caterham about it at the 1000m service...... My lambda probe had become disconnected. They plugged it back in and it was grand!


I was a little embarrassed (hadn't even bothered removing the bonnet myself as it was going in for the service), but at least it wasn't an expensive problem!



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