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Dead tacho.


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A good while back now, I upgraded my 2002 SV from the stock Zetec ECU to a Pectel T6 unit (from Pi) together with a new harness.


Everything went fine apart from the annoying fact that the tacho died. The control-lights (high beam, etc) are still operational, but that's it.


The signal gets all its way to the tacho, so that problem is out of the way.


When I remove the gauge and pop the rubber plug, I am not greeted with the expected 6 dip switches, but rather a single plastic protusion that has two metal leads in its sides. I've dabbed a bit with electornics, but cannot for my life figure out what this is.


The connector has 8 pins arranged in a 4x2 pattern.


Caerbont, who manufactured the unit according to a sticker on it, could not provide any help on their website.


Three questions:

1. Is it possible to configure this tacho at all for different signals?


2. Does anyone have the pin configuration for the 8 pin connector?


3. What's up with the little plastic thingy under the rubber plug?




/Magnus F.

Off for a high desert blat to celebrate 4:th of July!


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