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Rain X , pro,s and con's......

Nigel Riches

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......does this stuff really make a big difference to the rain water removal?, do you need new wiper rubbers? any detrimental effect on Ali bodywork? any thoughts gratefully received, regards Nigel.


1982. 5 speed, clamshells. B.R.G / Ali. The True Colours.

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My experience is that it works well in heavy rain. Once turned the wipers off on a motorway in a BMW with Rain X and could see really well.


Seems to work less well in 'messy' rain and in light rain. Also I found it smeary but don't know if that's cos I applied it incorrectly.


It certainly reduces friction on glass (you can feel it) so you may even get a slight aerodynamic advantage too (switches off bull**** mode).


I'd keep it off paintwork/ali etc. Don't know if it would harm it, but would rather not find out...



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