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Front anti roll bar noise?


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I have a 2001 SV.


If I try to move the front ARB, there is a bit of play where it joins the nearside wishbone, but when I try the same on the offside wishbone, I get a clunk and there is about 2mm of play. It doesn't seem to affect the handling, and I haven't noticed any noise while driving (there is too much coming from the rear/engine/exhaust!)


I haven't taken the rubber boot off yet, but was wondering whether this is normal, or whether I need to replace something where the roll bar joins the wishbone?


Can anyone help?



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At the end of the roll bar there is a plastic ball that is threaded onto the roll bar, they quite often shatter but have nowhere to go as they are housed in the upper wishbone.

It is simple to replace and very cheap, or if it has been assembled with no grease it can wear rapidly and make a creaking noise. *thumbup*


Support the 7 Society...... Ehhh?

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