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SLR spec 1.8K SuperLight


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Looking at the price of other cars on this board, I think I may have underpriced it for it's spec and condition.

However, I'll stand by this - especially as it needs to go before I'm allowed to order it's replacement *smile*


Actually, it's better than SLR spec and it goes and handles better than any SLR I've tried or come across at trackdays 😬 😬


Caterham 1.8K SuperLight (No. 110)


Registered May 2000

14,800 miles


Kawasaki Green with carbon noseband and wings

Black pack interior

FIA bar


R500 (Mike Barmby) wheels - 8.5inch rears/6.5 inch fronts

CR500 tyres


206 BHP Dave Andrews/Dave Walker uprated engine, including:

- fully ported head

- large inlet and exhaust valves

- uprated (double) valve springs

- mechanical followers

- Piper 740 cams

- vernier gauges

- Jenvey throttle bodies

- ITG filter

Emerald ECU

4:2:1 SLR race-type exhaust with 7inch silencer

Uprated ally radiator


Six-speed gearbox

Limited slip diff


Wide track

22% (quick) rack

R500 rear suspension - Watts linkage/upper anti-roll bar

Uprated (race) master cylinder/big front brakes

Adjustable Bilsteins


Tillet seats (Kevlar/carbon)

Quick Release Momo wheel

Race harnesses

Carbon dash

Carbon sills

Caterham (R500) ally gearknob

Electrical cut-out

Starter button


Full screen and weather gear


For sale at £18K


Mail me at simon.parker@sun.com or call on 07973 955361 if you've any questions. I'm in Fleet, Hampshire.







Edited by - simonpa on 7 Jul 2004 08:27:06

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