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Blackbird Emmissions


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My F.I car has just failed its MOT emmissions test (cat was removed at birth...) The garage tells me that they usually get an exemption for 'odd cars' 'from the ministry' but couldn't get through to them today. anyone any idea whether caterham got anything similar for the bbird?
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My (carb) Blackbird was SVA'd with cat-emissions (i.e. ultra-low). Its last MOT was conducted as if it were a non-cat car otherwise it would have failed. I think I might forget to take the registration document to its next MOT and hope they treat it as a kit car.


Interestingly, even without a cat it wasn't that far off complying with the cat-specific emissions *eek*



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There is no such thing as an exemption for the Blackbird. It is very firmly on the list of cars that need a cat to pass an MoT. Your best bet is a garage which doesn't know the rules and can't be bothered to look them up. Or transfer an "old" age related plate on to it and "forget" how old it is when asked. Or rent a cat.




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They eventually 'phoned the ministry and were told that a caterham is tested as a pre 1975 car, so they passed it. Problem solved!


Anyone who requires similar excellent service should ask me for details of the garage, which i won't post here just in case!

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