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Transporter Awning


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Aluminium pole framed awning (50mm dia 'click on' fittings) approx 16ft x 16ft, 4th side is the side of a truck - to which pole is permanently attached along with aluminium bead/rails. Doors, windows, zips, etc big enough for 2 Caterhams for working on (have had 3 inside for overnight storage). Plus skirt to cover/hide truck chassis.


Fully waterproof! No rips or tears!


Needs a jetwash! But withstood the downpour and high winds of Pembrey at the Graduates meeting earlier this year - keeping the inside dry (including the tarmac!)


Cost new (NOT bought new by me) approx £2500 +VAT for sale at £1100 (no VAT)


Reason for sale - have 2 ez-up awnings which allows 4 cars underneath which is far more friendlier for Grads racing.


(Awning currently in Leicestershire)

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