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Racers - get out of the rain in the Paddock

Trevor Phillips

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Having retired from racing at the end of last season I am selling mine – it is a top quality City B marquee [much stronger than an Eazi-Up]. The main assembly can be erected within 2 minutes, side panels take about an extra 5 minutes.


I bought it last season and it has been used twice so is in tip-top condition. The specification is:

# Lightweight heavy-duty alloy frame with tensioned canopy

# Frame weight approx 42 kilos

# Size 4.5m X 3m

# 2 x 3m side panels in 4oz fabric

# 2 X 4.5m side panels in 4oz fabric

# 3 large windows

# 1 large roll up door insert in 3m panel

# Panel Bag

# Frame bag

# Colour Yellow and Dark Green [Caterham colours]


The current price for this is around £2,400. Get a bargain for £1,600 ono


Pictures here

[My company, Credit Professionals Ltd, owns it and I can therefore issue a VAT inclusive invoice if you wish to buy it through your company making it only £1361.70 net!!!]






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Sorry for the delay but I got rushed into hospital soon after posting this and have only just been released this evening.


Currently, I don't have a picture of it erected [am I allowed to say that word?] as I only used it twice and both times it was sheeting down!


Give me a call on 07968 537434 if you would like to discuss as presently, I will be unable to do any lifting [appendix stitches would not appreciate it].





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