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Recalibrating rev counter

Nick Speed

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Have a Webcon Alpha 3D. Since fitting (some time ago and now out of warranty so Webcon not willing to assist!), if I use the output from the ECU, the tacho reads about 50% of true. If I run the tacho from the coil it seems accurate from about 2500rpm and above, but below the needle flickers about and indicates idle at 1250rpm against a true of about 800rpm. Is there any way of erradicating the flickering from the coil output? Alternatively does anybody know an instrument company who could recalibrate the tacho to match the output from the ECU - probably the better solution.






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Webers only punch out a 6 volt feed for the Tacho output and some ( most) do not like the signal, i had the same problem and you need to get a resistor to pull up the current to 12 volts.

If you ring weber they sell what you need and is around £5 including postage. *thumbup*


Support the 7 Society...... Ehhh?

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