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Belated Father's Day gift


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My good lady gave me a shirt, which I wasn't too keen on, so it got returned 😳


So I took the opportunity to use the money to surf cd-wow & for the same money got 3 cds & 2 DVDs!


The DVDs are The Italian Job (60's version *thumbup*) & Le Mans 😬


Something to watch when Euro 2004 is finished (& the Czechs have the silverware!) *cool* *thumbup*


Rrrrrrrrrrrrossssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!! *arrowright* here *wink*

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I finally got mine last wekend , the now ever popular I luv my dad cufflinks. The most special bit is Delberta had saved up her pocket money to buy them herself.


Delbertas' step dad also got a politically correct pair "I (heart) my step


Just as well we all get on innit


When you realise the worlds not nice just drop your pants and slide on the ice!!!

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