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Which oil? Vx 2.0 - VERY CHEAP DEAL ?!


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One of my mates managed to get a special order direct from Vauxhall of fully synth long life 5W40. Cost was a spectacular £28 for 20 litres....yes 20 litres *biggrin*


Now that I've used up 4 litres of his stash during my last oil change, I thought I would also avail myself of this magnificent bargain. Went to pick it up only to find they have supplied fully synth 5W30. The service chappie tells me that Vauxhall have replaced the 5W40 and now only use 5W30??


Being a Vauxhall dealership, they were obviously following the unwritten dealership code of not being able to answer any questions as to why. So on to blatchat I go - does anyone have any idea whether this oil will be Ok to use in my 7 or if you want to really impress, enlighten me as to why Vauxhall have decided to replace their 5W40 with 5W30?


Of course, the guy at Vauxhall may just be bull****ting me if he got the order wrong. In any event I've asked him for a letter stating he will right any wrong if my engine goes bang......more than certainly wasting my time with them but wanted to prove a point.

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