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Harewood paddock

Mrs Kipper

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Looking at the long range weather forecast for the Harewood area, it looks like it isn't going to stop raining until next week ☹️


If this is the case (and they do sometimes get it wrong!) what is the paddock going to be like underfoot? Is it grass or hard standing? Will I need to take my wellies?






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The paddock at Harewood is Grass and gets quite wet, the access roads to it are tarmac/gravel but the place for your car is on the grass itself. Its also a long queue down to the startline so I suggest you take your brolly with you as you may need it!!




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If it does rain from now until next weekend it will be ok underfoot, even though the paddock is grass. You are likely to be on the sloping paddock rather than the flat one.


However the car park may need care when parking / getting out if its soft under wheel.


Weather has been ok over the weekend and today - light shower tonight, but no rain to speak of. Garden is still rock hard, not that I do much gardening if I can help it!


However if the weather comes in from the north you will see it approaching over the valley .... at that point tie down your canopy and watch the tumble weed roll !!




P7DHC *wink*

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