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George Polley

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I have been dealing by email with Steve regarding a future order of Compo ML three piece wheels shod with 032R. He has been very responsive till last Wednesday. From that time despite my sending several emails to definitize my order, I stopped getting any response.

Anybody knows if something happened such as vacation etc.




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Ordered tyres yesterday - here today. Maybe they have an email problem? Their phone number is


might be worth a quick call to check - never heard a bad aword about their service so must be an explanation,



😬41,000 miles in 21 months! *cool* *thumbup*


Caterham pics


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Thanks Angus&Tessa *thumbup*

In fact I just did it and George had to endure my broken English ! *thumbdown*

He was absolutely charming, apologizing for too much work . He promised that he will take care of my request today *thumbup*

So please, chaps, do not disturb him this afternoon 😬



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