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Disc Life?


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Erm, how long is a piece of string? I generally reckon 2-3 sets of pads = 1 set of knackered discs, but this is on a std road car doing motorway miles and not being thrashed, and this equates to 4 years/80000 miles of wear and corrosion. If it were me I would stop worrying and just use it until they wear out. By that time enough time should have elapsed that you won't care or will have upgraded again!
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Thanks - batteredoldsupersport


My problem comes from a mark on the disc, made by the track rod end, caused by bad wheel bearing adjustment *mad*. If they wear quickly (i.e. 2 sets of pads) then I will not replace the disc (at £280 + pads from an old CC price list). If they are slow wearing it looks like the plastic is going to take a bashing (and my ears when the wife finds out 🙆🏻).





H15 SVN Get it !

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I have gone through 1 set of Ferrodo race pads in 4 yrs of road and 1 race season on the big brakes.

I am now on the 2nd set of pads and since I am getting more and more out of the car the wear rate of the pads has gone up. I expect to change them again after 1 or 2 more race meetings. The disks look fine and will do more sets of pads perhaps 3 or 4 even...


My discs scored up badly in use but not due to the track rod end cutting them. The scoring stays a constant depth and does not (well that I know) affect the performance.


There may be other disk that fit with a bit of skimming. The ones that fit Hi-spec brakes for example were cheap and may be persuaded to fit.



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