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K-series technical data online


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Morning all.


I'm not sure how useful this will be, but thought i'd post it incase it is.


I've been tipped off that there is a Rover RAVE cd image online on the internet. This seems to be a Rover after-sales disk that contains the following:

workshop manuals,overhaul manuals, electrical library, circuit diagrams, handbooks, maintenance, diagnostics testbook, etc, etc


and covers the following:

Mini, MGF, 200,400,600,800, coupe/cabriolet


I would imagine it's highly useful for anyone like me with a K-series under the bonnet..


I'm unsure as to the legality of all this, so won't post a link. If you're interested, let me know off-list and I can email you the link i was given. Be warned though, it's a 610MB .TOAST image and i've been told that its only up until next week.



All the best,





K80RUM - Duracell Bunny powered.


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A quick follow-up message just to say that the link, which I checked this morning before posting, appears to be offline at the moment.


If you want it, contact me and I'll give you the link anyway. Otherwise I have downloaded a copy myself which I am happy to upload to anywhere with enough capacity.


Apologies for the instability of this site, but I have nothing to do with it or its contents - I'm just a messenger!


K80RUM - Duracell Bunny powered.


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