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FSE settings?


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I have a problem with my ( sadly not a Seven ) 'k' powered car than i am hoping you can help me with.


Around 3/4 months ago i changed my 1400cc engine for an 1800cc one but retained the standard plastic inlet manifold and injectors

The engine is standard apart from Piper 270 cams, vernier pulleys and a Trophy throttle body and is running on Rover MEMS

By running the FSE at 3.5 bar it compensated for the incorrect injectors and seemed to run fine.

I changed the 1400 injectors at the weekend for cream 1800 ones (part# 0208 150 749) and ever since have had problem with it running rich, more so at start up when it struggles to run.

I have progressivly dropped the FSE pressure which seems to help but its now running at 2.2 bar warm idle and still seems too rich - its still drinking more fuel than i'd like.


Can i safely go lower with the FSE pressure or am i hitting the limits of MEMS? - or have o over-compensated with the injector size?



Hope you can help




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How can the MEMS possibly know what injector size you are running? Equally, how does it know that you are running a Trophy throttle body. As far as I am aware, the MEMS is calibrated with parameters based on the injectors, throttle body configuration and engine capacity, using a complicated algorithm to work out the fuelling. You have mucked about with all three (and fuel pressure) so it is not surprising it is confused.


You should trade for a 1.6/1.8 MEMS with matched immobiliser, which is expecting to run the cream injectors at 3.5 bar.

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