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Sticky 6 speedbox


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A mate of mine has a 1.4k with a six speed gearbox but its very difficult to shift from gear to gear *confused* runs fine , but makes progress difficult.


Could this simply be a case of the wrong spec gear oil 🤔.

He built it from new in 96, and its only done 6000 miles. he thought that was how they all were *eek*


Any ideas *confused*



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Very likely that on an old spec box that the selector forks have bent - they can be replaced with uprated parts from Phil Stewart (Road and Race) but it is an engine/gearbox out job. Best thing is that once done the box is better than new.


It could also be too much spring pressure on the gate indent. This is controlled by a grub screw at the front, top (left hand?) edge of the box and you might get some joy from backing this out a smidgen.

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