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Xflow Distributor info


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Xflow distributers seem to be like Rocking horse droppings!


I'm looking for either :-


1. A ready to go Aldon distributor that will work with my 1660 Xflow (running with twin 40's and a BCF2 cam) : aldon, Caterham and Redline all have zero stock.


2. The details of the Lucas distributer type - so that I can try and source one from my local scrappy and get it modified by Aldon.


3. An alternative ignition method that will allow me to get my car on the road (for the first time) and relatively cheap


Details such as: what car would I find one attached to, what letters/numbers am I looking for on the body of the distributor. I have read that the type is a 'D4' therfore are the following examples that I found at my local scrap yard likely to be the correct item?


41793 A 45D4

41406 H 45D4


Does any one know if these are the correct item? What do the numbers and letters signify


Any advice much appreciated





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