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moan moan moan

Nick Woods

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I need to let of a bit of steam and 'them upstairs in chitchat probably wont like it, its much friendlier down here and I reckon you wont mind quite so much *cool*


Last night my immobiliser failed to unset and it took two hours, a lot of running around by my friend Graham and lots of fiddling before we found a loose connection that was preventing it working. Its still playing up but I know what to do now


On top of that the heater is dripping dirty water on my legs, this appears to be rain/washing water thats getting trapped inside and picking up loads of dirt before dripping out.


On top of that I have an intermittent misfire which I havent got to the bottom of


On top of that I also have the dreaded K-series hot starting problem which I havent had a chance to fix yet - I just carry a stick and prod the starter whenever it plays up. thass my ol' starrter stick, that is, boraccent>


so , here goes


AAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *mad* 🙆🏻 *confused* *eek* *mad* 🙆🏻 *confused* *eek* *mad* 🙆🏻 *confused* *eek* *mad* 🙆🏻 *confused* *eek* *mad* 🙆🏻 *confused* *eek* *mad* 🙆🏻 *confused* *eek* *mad* 🙆🏻 *confused* *eek* *mad* 🙆🏻 *confused* *eek* *mad* 🙆🏻 *confused* *eek* *mad* 🙆🏻 *confused* *eek*



Ahhhhh, that feels just a little bit better *wink*




P8MRA - Red and Black 1.6K supersport, back on the road at last. See pictures of it being rebuilt here


Edited by - Nick Woods on 7 May 2003 09:51:26

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My name's Mark and I'm a Pastryholic 😳


Oops.. Sorry... Wrong support group *wink*




In the words of the old Viz caroon where small monsters were sat in court wearing curley grey wigs, holding hammers....


"These things were sent to try us".


*idea*And remember, by removing the header and gutting the wiring loom, you not only fix these problems but save 5KG too *idea*






My Caterham Silver Jubilee No. 7 is here with Mavis, under 'Mark's Cars'.

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