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Official Caterham Announcements

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If the factory/ approved spokespeople make announcements I suggest they be put in a seperate forum of Blatchat but above the existing Chit Chat.


I think that the very fact that the Factory are making IMHO quality statements is to be applauded and I think it would also be more professional to immediately lock them so any response does not detract from the information/position/comment that is being made.


I feel this may well encourage the factory to make more frequent use of this forum and hence forge closer links with the club and its members/forum users


Just a thought




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One thing which surprises me along these lines is that Simon Lambert appears to spend FAR more time on Bookatrack than here...


My only thought on this is that perhaps those guys are potentially far greater money-spinners for the company...



Very Black 6spd SuperSport *wink*

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