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Comp exhaust collector 4:1 (K-ser/X-flw) to fit super lightweight Raceco exhaust


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Here I have a 4:1 collector off a 1.6 K with competion exhaust. It is modified (very neatly and at great cost) to run the Raceco Ti or aluminium can (as advertised in Low Flying). A new collector from Caterham is £120, the modification cost a further £60.


Due to a change of car I'm selling this collector for just £65 which includes free delivery to UK addresses - then all you need is to Talk to Ammo at Raceco engineering to secure one of their fabulous titanium re-packable exhausts and it will slot straight on.


email ms81@cant.ac.uk for photo and further details

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sure - I will update all that are interested midweek once I've heard from Mark, Dave ahs 2nd refusal as it will suit either a x-flow or a K with 4 primaries, and allow Mr Ammo's georgous Raceco super-lightweight ti or ali silencers to be bolted straight on.


email ms81@cant.ac.uk if you'd like to see pictures and I'll send some by return of email.


Happy 7ing

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