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Hey, I get really fed up with looking at the For Sales listings and find that someone (must all have braodband I guess) bought just what I want 25 nanoseconds after it was listed. This has two negatives - firstly i don't get a chance, secondly the vendor gets less than they might have done. For example, I've been looking for a s/h black screen for yonks, just seen one on blatchat at a stupid price but it's too late.


I appreciate you wouldn't perhaps be able to administrer an auction site but maybe there could be a "for sale to highest bidder" section, working like this:


Vendor lists one item, Subject fields shows simply three or four word item description, e.g. "new black heated screen". In message vendor gives details, says what they want for their item, if they can deliver and how long they are prepared to leave it on the site. Members bid. At appointed time, highest (and therefore last) bid gets the item. If they don't for some reason take it (and that does happen!), next one down gets the offer at their bid price.


Piece of cake. Or not?


Can we try it?








Tomorrow's a good day for it!

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