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Repair or replace ali?


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My 1998 ex-Scholarship car has unpainted ali bodywork and so there are, understandably, one or two slight knocks on the panelling at the rear of the car (about an inch across, not too deep) on either side, and also some water staining on the bonnet, sides and rear.


While I like seeing the ali perfectly clean, polishing is not the best thing I enjoy about 7 ownership so I'd like to paint the car to match the wings and nosecone (BRG).


Has anyone had their car prepared for painting by Arch/the factory and is it advisable to have the knocks/marks taken out, or completely replace the panelling? Can anyone hazard a guess as to what it might cost to do either?


Bearing in mind that I'll either do this, or get a new kit with a relatively dull K-series engine *wink* (overhauling my VX should be a bit cheaper!)




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I have a similar prob with mine, which is OK but for a few dents and sticker marks (96 ex race series) and I reckon ultimately I will go with a local bodyshop rather than Arch/C. It has to be cheaper, esp. if you get it done in the winter and allow them a week or two.
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