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Which car does the fuel pump holder come from?

Tight fart

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The part I need is the assembly that holds the fuel pump in the tank (inj cars) I am changing from carbs to fuel inj, I have the Caterham tank and pump but I am missing the circular part that screws to the tank and holds the pump in at 45deg in the tank. I have spoken to Caterham who will only sell the whole part inc the pump that I have (I may need the R500 pump but they only sell that on it's own meaning I will have to by two pumps, one that I have with the holder, and the 500 pump on it's own) Now according to Caterham the part origionally came from a Vauxhall around 1991.

Any ideas what car it comes from ?


SLR for sale *cool*



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Hi R


I believe it's from a K series car. I had the same problem recently and got a Metro 1.1 pump which fits OK.


Your best bet is to take the tank along to a good scrappie if you can and check that the thing fits.


You will probably need the little rubber gasket thing, which you can get from Caterham or a Rover dealer. Otherwsie Sod's law says it will leak.


Good luck!


Andy Couchman

Gloucestershire AO, L7 Club

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