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Thunder and lightning...


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😬 At least the bikeshed crew are nothing if not predictable 😬


Got U2 Best of 1990 - 2000 on at the moment *thumbup*


Storm has gone away too *thumbup* although 7 was outside all the time with no cover - might be a damp blat tomorrow morning 😬

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he's just a poor boy from a poor family...


I've been having a wee indy attack lately in the tin-top.


Stone Roses, Inspiral Carpets & Hurricane #1...


And then Radiohead Pablo Honey & The Bends, which is still f!cking ace 😬 *thumbup*



Very Black 6spd SuperSport *wink*

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err....next line anybody...???


Liked U2's 'best of' album too, despite the comparative slump of the 90's (80's is timeless).....current listen is Royksopp's 'Melody A.M.', while playing the guess-the-advert-this-tune-is/will-be-in-the-future-from.




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Bath today was a good opportunity to use the word "squally". Really heavy rain and wind followed by settled periods of sunshine, repeated throughout the day. The 7 was dry enough on a short blat and I got 2nd place in a 10km road running race which was acceptable if a little slow in 33:21.


Also managed to see the girl who is subject of the "Girl Question" thread at the moment *thumbup* 😬


Only downside to today was Manchester United winning *thumbdown* but I don't really care.

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I really hated the U2 best of album - its all rerecordings of the old songs and they're nowhere near as good ☹️


Under a blood red sky and the joshua tree are FANTASTIC though.


Currently listening to:



BLade Runner soundtrack


HOOPY 500 kg (and soon) 200 bhp R706KGU

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