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crossflow ignition


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I have just brought a Crossflow engine (thanks Richard!) from a 1989 car that I am transplanting into my Westfield. The engine came complete with a Bosch distributor and also a Lucas electronic ignition amplifier. Can anyone advise me of how its wired.?


The amplifier has 6 wires






Black and white



The distributor has 3 wires coming from it






Which wires go where?


Also the distributor has a vacuum advance unit on it, should I leave this disconnected?


Thanks in advance





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ok are you ready for this

looking at the amplifier from above you have coming out on the right at the top,

black which goes to a joint earth.

white and black which goes to the tacho

white which goes to the coil positive

red which goes to the distributor

green which goes to the distributor

black - top left - which goes to the distributor.


Leave vac disconnected


My original wiring had all of these going into a connection block on the cockpit side of the bulkhead.



Run Baby Run *eek*

does it really have anything less than full throttle

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