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daft question about tillet seats

Zetec Rich

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Fitting tillets

The seats are great, its the bag of bolts and bits to fit them

Whats the arrangement of the spacers. Is the general idea to raise the front of the seat, do they all go at the front or do some of them go at the back, and presumably they fit between the runner/ ali box section and the seat .

are there any fitting instructions with new cars ? *eek*





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You've got to level out the bottom of the seat first; there is one corner of the seat that is moulded with a depression, so a speacer or so in there is mandatory.


Beyond that, you will find that when you try and bolt the seats down (especially the passenger one) the "wing" of the seat up near the passenger's left shoulder will rub on the inside of the cockpit. Now the "Factory" built cars I've seen ignore this and bolt it up anyway but I (originally) used the spacers to lift the outside edge of the seat and thus move the seat away from contact with the car.


Obviously, beyond this you can use more spacers to tilt the seat back which is useful to avoid your helmet being pushed forward too much by the headrest area.



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Julian is spot on except he forgot to mention they are a pig to fit.

You will probably as some point think nothing is going to line up but eventually it all does but they will take longer to fit than you expect!!!




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