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Water temp after removing the heater


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Ive just removed the heater and also wrapped the exhaust between the head and side exit. Before this "upgrade" the water temp would settle at around 89 but quickly rise to 100C if I stopped moving. Now the temp settles around 83 and appears a lot more stable/lower when the not moving.

I was expecting the engine bay temp to drop, but thought the water temp wound have remained the same.

Not a problem - just wondered if anyone else has noticed a change in water temp after similar "upgrades".

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You don't say which engine.

I removed the heater and just joined the pipes on my VX XE. My heater feed or return was from the head and I wanted to keep water passing through it. I know that others have blanked this off and junked the hose.


K's are prone to airlocks and need careful bleeding. Also have overheating / head gasket failures related to the this so go carefully until it is fixed if you have a K.


Check the temp sender connections too.



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Thanks for the feedback, and yes its a k-series with the senders above the exhaust manifold.

Steve ... sorry if I wasnt clear. I dont think theres a problem, I was just surprised to see the fall in water temp. Hopefully any air-locks went with the heater unit *smile*


Edited by - adam on 24 Apr 2003 01:26:28

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