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Wishbone bush replacement


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on a live axle car these are quite straightforward. take off the wishbone and press out the old and in with the new. if the bush does not press out easily, and it may not, then it may be easier to carefully cut the bush by using a fine bladed hacksaw cutting along the length of the bush, this will alow it to be prised out. remember to torque it all up ONLY when the car is on its wheels and the suspension is supporting the cars weight.


Run Baby Run *eek*

does it really have anything less than full throttle

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Pressing may require a fair bit of force - in my case a good engineer's vice with 3 feet of tube on the handle to give extra leverage. You will have to search around for sockets and bits of old tube to support the wishbone eye and push on the outer metal part of the bush. Modest localised heat on the wishbone eye may help. When putting the new ones in, put them in the freezer for a bit to contract them.
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