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What was all that about !


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Can anyone tell me what just happened ! Turned up for work on Friday, NOBODY THERE ! Then people started throwing strange 'egg' shaped objects around made of an unusual brittle 'brown' material, what was worse, SOME WERE EATING THEM !!!!!! Then I find that D.I.Y over the weekend is compulsory and (according to my missus) legally enforced ! I overheard someone mention it was something to do with J.C which may explain the forced carpentry I had to endure (doesn't explain the 'brown' things though !)

I suspect some sort of alien conspiracy is involved (again) but I am open to alternate suggestions. Will try to go to work again today, but suspect the worse. If any of you are left......take care.


That is all..

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I too was forced to do what I think is called gardening - Mrs B locked the back door and told me I couldn't come back in until I found the dog in the long grass.


Managed to find the mutt who had stumbled on a lost tribe taking shelter in our lawn. Like a helpful chap I cut down there habitat and turfed them out. Then tied a balloon to the dog's tail so when the grass grows again I'll be able to find her.

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Oh dear, that doesn't sound good, all this gardening and carpentry lark *eek* *eek*


Alex and I went to Anglesey for the day, where I got to drive the pedal car 😬


Then yesterday we had a BBQ - because Summer will be over soon *eek*




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I'll have to get my side kick Crickers to come and webcam bug soixante neuf so we can all keep a eye on what Alex gets up to.


Every evil villan has to have a side kick like Crickers for this very operation




Crickers my man, here, I want you to do a little something for me


Crickers, and if you get it wrong I shall use the clamps again and you know how long your eyes watered last time


Crickers, where are you




He's for it now



Oh this is nicely oiled







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Yes, very bored with work and I've not been able to get any feedback from the interview I had 2 weeks ago. The recruitment guy is always in a meeting/at lunch/on his way back from a client/on his way to a client but still never returns my calls *mad*




Supercheese R250


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