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Wheels and seats

Jules O

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Following on from some Spring upgrade work I have the following available from my 98 Superlight:


1 - 5x13" minilite style wheels, black centres, polished rims and Cat 7 centres. Come with AO32Rs (185/60/R13), 2 are new (less than 200 miles), 2 are no longer road legal but prob OK for track and 1 is nearly new. £250


2 - 2 S type leather seats in v good condition (Caterham embossed headrests). £425


I am in West London.



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I'm definitively interested in the 2 S type leather seats, ... if they really are in very good condition and fit a '96 1.4 K ??? Can you send me some pictures ?


I'm also maybe interested in the wheels, but still have some questions : which manufacturer, condition (damage ???). number of spokes, ... Once more, could you send me some pictures ???


If I take the whole package, ... would you consider £625 ??? *confused*




Slider@7 *cool*



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Thanks for the responses. Will mail you later.


Slider - I'm afraid I'm not so great on what fits what. My car is a 98 Superlight so can't see there would be much difference? Pretty sure the wheels are Minators (8 spokes, polished rims, black centres) as they came with the car - you can view them on the Caterham website in the stores part. All in good condition, no damage etc. Will try and get you a piccy of the wheels/seats tonight.



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