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De Dion rear anti-roll bar bushes 1.4 SS


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The bushes are worn allowing lateral movement of bar resulting in the fixing bolt of the upper end of the vertical link touching wheelarch inner panels (using outermost adjustment) on both sides.

Three questions:

1.Replacement bushes seems straight forward, but any traps for the unwary? e.g. centralising the bar?

2.Pros and cons of using alternative settings on the adjustable arm?

3.Should the vertical links be replaced (seem ok)?

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The bushes are available from caterham - you need to check what size bar you have first .

The bar is removed quite easily , but it helps to remove the bootfloor to clear the diff , and obviously take the wheels off .

I would check that the bar isnt bent on the end arms if its making contact . Although sense would say that the spring steel shouldnt bend - mine did and another one actually snapped *eek* at the end arms .


Lay it on the floor its easy to tell .


The sideways location of the bar is managed by the mounting bushes that connect to the body under the boot floor - there is normally about 5mm of movement either side . It may also be possible that someone has fitted a bar from a watts linkage car as these are about 20mm wider , this could then result in the bar making contact .


Get the spanners out 😬 . it should take about an hour in total .....



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