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1.4 Minister/superspot engines


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Hi guys,


Just wondering what anyone can tell me about those 2 engines. What cams do they have (lift, duration?)and anything else special? and what bhp/torque do they produce using standard mpi induction or throttle bodies? (preff both readings).


I have a late spec 1.4 mpi engine with high port head (standard) mpi induction with 58mm throttle body and K&N cone. 4-2-1 tubular manifold, decat pipe 2" exhuast with 2 stainless steel silencers. Also have piper 270 (633 grind) cams, and an emerald ECU. I havent had it rolling roaded yet (at emerald) but it seems alot faster over standard! just trying to get an estimate of the power, i'm hoping for over 130, i know some minister engines have 138bhp but not sure on the spec. I'm trying to decide my next move, 1.8 engine, or throttle bodies on the 1.4, i'd prefere the latter i think for the sheer noise and its cheaper than an engine swap, also a little different as most go for the 1.8, before cams aswell.


Oh, btw, this is all in my ickle rover metro GTi (800kg) :-) http://members.lycos.co.uk/goddardmetro/newpictures/newside.jpg


Many thanks guys.



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Mine is a 1.4 kss ex race Minister. I understood it originally to be a 138bhp model but caterham did a 128bhp non race 1.4kss, I'm not sure how they differ. I suspect they may all be 128 on std Rover MPI. As I understand it the principal differences are cams and ECU. I would be surprised if caterham /minister managed to wring 138 out of the 1.4 since they 'only' get 138 out of the current 1.6kss.


I don't think the throats on the 1.4 are big enough to take the bottle throddies. I do however reserve the right to be wrong.

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thank you,


you may be thinking of the earlier low port 1.4 engines that rover made. when they finalised the design for the 1.8 engine they changed a few things that became the standard across the range,such as the high port head, 1.4 and 1.6/8 are identical, but i am to believe the 1.8 cams have 244 duration as apposed to 1.4 240 duration. I am sure this high port head helps a little as shown on dave andrews site, they are a great deal larger than on the older engines, which may not help a standard 1.4, but should help on a modified one?


It may simply be a matter of different cam profiles, mine is quite lumpy, too lumpy i would say to be on a production car that people want smoothness and reliability (264deg and 10mm lift mine) the cams designed for a 1.4 engine by piper are 248deg and 8.84mm lift, somewhat less, and what i'm thinking may be in the non-race KSS engine perhaps? of course there is probably some mild porting and general tidying up of the heads on the race versions, and i take it they dont have DTA throttle bodies or carbs? if you dont have them?


the standard head is good enough for at least 150bhp as shown on some 1.4 engines in rally spec metros (spec of fast road cams TB's and DTA ecu 7200 peak power) and probably some caterhams, so 138bhp isn't impossible i would think, but as i said, it would probably be too rough running for a production car.


Still if its 128bhp that aint bad, still enough to see off most hot hatches on the track (and road *tongue*) and a step up to 1.8 in the summer should see another 20bhp onto that at least. Still leaves me trailing a certain blue metro 1.8 with VHPD head ported and polished to the max 32.5mm inlet 27.3mm exh, forged pistons,vhpd rods 1227 cams, jenvey throttle bodies etc etc etc with well over 200bhp and lightened to 700Kgs 😬


i guess i'll just have to find out on a rolling road, its just i dont like the max power rolling roads that give inflated flywheel readings etc, i'd rather know what it had, rather than b/s and dream about it.


thanks guys



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