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Wheels & Tyres

Jeremy Latham Smith

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Having just upgraded to 13" wheels and new AO21s I now have the folowing for sale:-


1) 5 as new Roadsport 14" wheels fitted with ZV1s.

Loads of tread left, spare is unused. Wheels are as new, no scuffs at all.

I also have two additional ZV1s not on rims that the buyer can have if they want, similarly loads of tread. £250 the lot.


2) 5 part worn AO21s, 2 fitted to scruffy but usable 13" rims.

These were my track day and road set from last year. Two tyres are still road legal. The others are still good for a few more of track days.



I am in Oxfordshire, but could deliver a reasonable distance. I am going to Mallory Park tomorrow to do my ARDS test if that helps anyone.




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