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Silencer packing material

Jason Plato

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I need some good quality silencer packing material . Having read through the archives there appears to be a few options ? - basalt , which is reported to burn or disintergrate quite quickly in some exhausts mentioned . Arnie and Aves go for the Scott & haywood supplied material , and Ammo has another available that appears to be the doggies .


Could I please have your views on which to go for , how much is required and what is the prefered packing method to achieve a good lasting result ?? .


Many thanks



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dave, i saw some packing advertised in auto sport ( i think by Reverie, the carbon people) which was expanding so as to fill your silencer, dont know if it is on there web site, but might be worth a look, seem to think it quoted roughly £40 for silencer. advert was about 6-8 weeks ago.
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