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First clean

classic Stu

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First post to the forum and in need of advice.


Took ownership of a new VX Classic at the end of last year, at the weekend I had the car up on the stands to clean the underneath for the first time.


However, the Ali is covered in small white spots which is I assume early stages of oxidisation of some sort. As you guess I am not technically minded but in need of advice on how to treat or remove and is the anything else I should be checking, cleaning whilst underneath.




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Waxoyl is the product of choice. There are many postings on how best to do this and the best product(s) but basically anything oily or waxy will work. Personally I would ignore the white spots and just lash the Waxoyl on. It will go brown/black and remain slightly sticky after it dries. If you want a cleane product use WD40 and be prepared for it to wash off in the rain/ be less effective in general. 'course you could always paint the thing.
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