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Zetec Alternator Mount


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The slotted top mounting bracket has broken. Reading through previous threads alot of people seem to have made their own but is there anything I can buy off the shelf that will do the job?


OIL 7540 *cool* 2L ZETEC (bathroom suite in - no tiles yet)

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Bought my Zetec from Dunnels last year and this included their own bracket. Cost for (new) alternator and bracket was about £160 IIRC, so bracket must be much less (under £100, surely?). Looks well made (machined from solid block, not fabricated) and seems to do the job - can't say any more, really!
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I made my own Zetec alternator mountings and used a tensioner from a Mini because it was light and skimpy, only about 3 mm thick material. It broke recently. I've replaced it with one from a Volkwagen which I blagged from a friend who is a VW specialist. This one is a round 6 mm thick. The Dunnell one is about the same thickness. If my current one breaks I'll make something with a metalastic bush incorporated.


I would go around your local breakers and look under the bonnet of a few wrecks to see if you can find something you can use.


Hope this helps.



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