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just starting

peter snellgrove

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The question is too broad.


If your car is street legal then it can be prepared with little more than sticky tape, a magic marker and some cardboard. If you want to run in L7Club events you also need adequate roll over protection.


The choice of events rather depends on where in the country you are. I wouldn't suggest Doune to a resident of Southampton, but if you live in Stirling...


There are articles available from the front page of the main L7Club Web site that you should read.


A good approach might be to do a day at one of the hillclimb/sprint schools. These run at (at least) Gurston Down (Salisbury), Prescott (Cheltenham), Curborough (Lichfield), Harewood (Leeds). You won't need a licence, overalls, or any car preparation to participate and you will get an idea of what's involved, and have the opportunity to make some contacts and ask many questions.



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The club sprint at Llandow on July 6th could be a good place to start . This event has the added bonus of not only being full of like minded caterham owners who will be more than happy to help and look after you and even take you out and show you the lines , but there will also be a trackday the day before the sprint . This will provide an opportunity for you to learn the track in your own time and hence minimise any pressure on the day .



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