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(SOLD) Avon ZZR’s


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178FA47C-791B-4B7A-8628-D178CA48AB10.thumb.jpeg.9dfb05b52e9931571177c1c3f4e1b6c6.jpeg A79E898F-F77A-4564-8DC8-67CACFBFED01.thumb.jpeg.f19c5309764af8265bb4ecfc9fe8b193.jpeg 4EB9A80F-BAD5-4F4D-A219-B396054FDEDD.thumb.jpeg.e7a806d496b0dfb36ad7928e13f573a5.jpeg 43BB9077-5211-4971-B765-30CD93850991.thumb.jpeg.6762f1d6b04ecae47b0b1a876da8569f.jpeg A73B5C0D-F9E2-4299-9ACA-6973EB2D28F7.thumb.jpeg.df520d9e56ee4c0ae084f6865d4d5f4c.jpeg 



Avon ZZR, 185/55R13 and 245/50R13. 


All recent - dated 2022. 


Tread depth is approximately 4–5 mm.


The outside edge on the nearside rear has more wear but still perfectly usable.


£325 - which is just under 1/3rd the cost of a new set (£1,040 from Demon Tweeks). 


They are the ‘Extreme’ compound (medium/soft, road legal, E marked). 


If there is any concern about 245’s protruding outside the rear arches, they don’t - see pictures. 


Located near Horsham, West Sussex. 
Will likely be coming to Snetterton next Monday/Tuesday and could bring with me and drop off or meet en route. 

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